Teachers Development
Our teachers are 'facilitators' who create the environment to observe and nurture each child into a well-rounded human being.

The role of a teacher in a classroom is highly debated by educators and administrators. The earlier description of a teacher, as ‘the embodiment of knowledge’ and a student being the receiver, may no longer be relevant in today’s context where the child is the central focus.

To support the teachers working in SF schools, they are provided with requisite training and mentorship based on their needs. They are constantly guided by the School Director and School Principal so that they can assist children in an empathic manner. The Foundation also partners with other organization who specialize in teacher training and support.

The teachers in SF schools practice kindness, respect, patience, happiness, emotional stability and many such qualities that she/he wants the child to learn. Teacher’s mindset will determine the teacher actions which will in turn determine student mindset and student actions. Teacher support is our core area of focus thus contributing to classroom and school community that thrive on mutual respect and collective ownership.