SPBVK School, Shimoga
Shriram PrajnaBharathiVidya Kendra (PBVK) was started in Shimoga, Karnataka, in 2005 owing to a growing need for English education felt in the region. Children from the region were being sent to far-off places for education in an English-medium school. Under such circumstances, Nalandaseva trust started PBVK as a not-for-profit English medium school. PBVK was started with the vision that a good education system in synthesis with a rich cultural heritage forms the nucleus of a proactive and humane civil society; and only such a society can be the foundation of a great nation. 

PBVK is cradled in the heavenly greens of the WesternGhats. It is situated in the midst of a calm and serene atmosphere without any distractions amidst greenery and nature. Such an environment is highly conducive for learning. With the support of ShriramFoundation, the school has completed the construction of its first building that can accommodate 200 students. The school enjoys tremendous support from the community and has a great potential to be a truly significant community space for learning and social transformation.